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This is Matt.

young man wearing headphones with furry puppy on his lap

Right now, he is busy cobbling together the next episode of Sandwiched. Episode 6, if I’m not mistaken. Imagine that! Six! Count ’em, Six!

If you think Sharon and I…I mean Trish…I mean we…oh let’s face it. We know Sharon isn’t updating any website…it’s me, Trish. Anyway, When Sharon and I put together these little conversations, we ramble. And sometimes laugh too much. And our fiddling is always worse than what you hear on the final podcast. Srsly.

Well Matt makes the sound smooth when we are all over the place and nowhere near the microphones. He takes out the messy bits, chops the music down to a bearable couple of bars.  All this with a dog on his lap (that’s Luna, by the way.) So this is just a little shout out to our brave recording engineer, who gives up a few days a month to listen (over and over) to his middle-aged mom and her odd fiddle friend. Cheers, Matt!

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