S4-Ep1: The episode you need right now

We're back! We just couldn't stay away during this crazy COVID-19 crisis. This is the podcast you need right now.

sharon in full protection gear

We have stories to tell, heroes to acknowledge, and face it, we're bored to tears sitting at home so why not gab at you guys for a while. We hope you enjoy our little teleconference podcast, with an intro for the ages!


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4 comments on “S4-Ep1: The episode you need right now



Um, Trish? WEST Muskoka. West.

Sharon sounds about ready to go over the wall.



Right. I’m so West side… Glad you enjoyed it!

Mary Fournier

Hi ladies!
Sat with my cup of coffee this morning procrastinating the vacuuming that lies ahead. Loved this episode! Loved the citrus smell in the car, buying a hair cutting kit and the crush on handsome young Mr. Weston.
I too have a runway strip growing in my hair. Who knows, salt and pepper might be my thing!
Teaching 6,7 and 8 year olds to read via FaceTime has been a good giggle. Books are upside down, faces are there and then gone, noses are being picked, and parents are interrupting 🙂
My strangest memory so far has been standing 6 feet away from my 91 year old mom in the back garden of her retirement residence trying to communicate with her by yelling through the wind. Only every other word was heard, so it made for an interesting conversation. The people I admire through all of this are also the grocery store clerks, stockers, truck drivers and of course our fearless medical workers. I must however, give a shout out to my colleagues who have been working from morning until late at night trying to find creative, engaging and meaningful ways to teach our young learners. I am so proud to be a member of such a caring faculty. Be well, and thanks for the gift of a giggle.


Oh! So glad you joined us for our chat. And I think WE are lucky that you are helping the “home schooling” kids! I think we’re going to do an episode every week until we run out of energy (or toilet paper). Thanks for your “moments!”


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