S3-Ep5: Sandwiched adventures in babysitting

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Yes, once upon a time, Sharon and Trish used to struggle with diaper pins, baby spit up, and cloth diapers. Oh yes. It’s the babysitting edition of Sandwiched and you don’t want to miss it! There may even be a confession or two. Listen up. Do it!

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Laurie Graham

Sooo funny. How did those toddlers ever survive us? Teens today need a resume: did they complete “The Course”? Do they have experience with babies? Do they have references?! I was there with you for the spiked orange juice debacle, Trish. I’ll never forget the mom running headlong upstairs in a panic as the husband calmly explained what she meant by screaming: “there’s junk in it!!”

My babysitting snack confession is that I once found an opened box, (same family, I think) nearly full, of black magic in the cupboard. Not wanting them to know I’d eaten any, I cleverly dug into the second layer & ate more than one from there. Not sure why it never occurred to me that they’d figure it out as soon as they finished the top layer!

Thanks for the nostalgia. I’ll definitely listen to more of your podcasts.


Hahah! I thought you might have been there! Thanks for the comment. And I hope you enjoy other episodes…you might enjoy the Show Tunes episode for sure! And Gym class episode…and…and…and…!


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