How do I comment?

Trish and Sharon want to hear from you.  There are so many ways that you can connect.   


  • Go to
  • Notice the email address at the top? sandwichedarewe@gmail.
    • Send an email
  • Notice the “social media” buttons at the top.  Click them.  They will take you to Sandwiched’s FACEBOOK page, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM links.  You can connect there in all the regular ways.  Please do.
  • Notice the CONTACT US link in the menu.  Click it.  You can now fill in the online form and send your thoughts and comments.

Leave a Review

Please, Please leave a review.  The more you review on itunes, the more interest it generates. 

  • Go to the podcast page on itunes.
  • Tap review
  • Write and review and remember, 5 stars is the best number of stars.
  • Need help?  Write Trish and Sharon and they will help.

Happy Podcasting everyone.  To quote Warren Zevon, “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Where do I find it?

There are several places to find the podcast. All of them work and all of them are acceptable and all of them are safe!


How can I comment or send a story?

You have many options. Email, comments, or just rate us!