Season 2 Ep 5 – When hair and vending machines collide

Yep. Seriously. You wonder what Sharon’s perm and an antiquated Coca-Cola vending machine have in common, don’t you. Well the wait is over. Another podcast drops today. Do NOT miss it!

portrait of young woman with perm


old coca cola vending machine

You might also want to check out our hair gallery. Yes we have a hair gallery.


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4 comments on “Season 2 Ep 5 – When hair and vending machines collide

Heather Webber

I truly laughed out loud! Thanks for the memories and amusement!


Glad you liked it…we told you we are relatable!!

Mary Fournier

Loved this podcast! Can’t stop thinking about my mom’s “sets.” Every Thursday, mom (now in her 91st year) would head off to Claudia’s Hair Salon. Heaven forbid anything interrupt this schedule! To this day, mom’s hair is of the utmost importance. Thursdays have now been replaced by Fridays. Claudia’s Hair Salon has been replaced by the retirement home hair salon. Pin curls and small rollers still have their place by her bedside table, as does the hair net.
Mom’s hair was, and is so important to her that when diagnosed with cancer, she refused any treatment that would have an impact on her hair. Thankfully, she did not require any treatment that would cause hair loss. Tell my mom her hair looks great, and bingo-bango, you are in her good books!


That’s so great…no doubt your mother’s hair and the way she feels about it has kept her healthy and “young.” We’d love a picture so we can boast about her too…but we’ll leave that to you! Thanks for the story of your mom!


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