Season 2 Ep 10: The Millennials of May part 2

They had so much to say, we let them continue.

5 young people posing and smiling
Jason Matt Marissa Martha Adam

We were going to post baby/kiddie pictures of all of them, but that just seemed mean. Anyway, get your kale chips ready, fill your water bottle, trade something on Bunz, and listen in to part 2 of The Millennials of May!

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  • We talk. And talk. And have an old-fashioned chin wag June 19, 2019
    We can't even remember what the conversation is about this time. We know we talked. We mocked a bit. We went back to our roots and pretty much just had a coffee chat. You don't want to miss us before we take some summer off. Join us!
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  • The Millennials of May - part 2 May 22, 2019
    The Millennials sure have a lot to say, so we let them keep going. And if you put your podcast speed up to 1.5, you won't be able to understand a thing they say. Man they talk fast! Anyway, enjoy the kids. Sharon and Trish will take back the mic in June (we hope anyway!)